Develop Competence

Empower people through knowledge

Application Based Training

The participant learns how to practically manage and lead the most common types of improvement initiatives. Robust and proven improvement methods, tools and practices from Lean, Agile, Six Sigma, Change Management and other relevant knowledge areas are integrated into improvement applications, which makes it easier for the participant to learn and apply.

Training is provided for the eight most common improvement applications, which together can handle the most improvement opportunities and needs that an organization has. The first four improvement applications (1 to 4) apply the strategy of “improve performance with own solutions”, which is the strategy of Six Sigma, A3 Problems Solving, Design Thinking etc.

The second four improvement applications (5 – 8) apply the strategy of “develop capability by implementing best practices”, which is the strategy of Lean, CMMI, EFQM and others. Eight trainings are available, one for each application. For more detailed information go to courses.

Modular Learning

A modular development program ensures cost-efficient and flexible learning while still providing high quality. The courses are provided in modules that are fully aligned with a minimum of overlaps. The learner can either take a single course that matches one´s specific competence needs, or follow the whole program and achieve the Lean Six Sigma competence levels of yellow, green, black and master (red).

The 12 modules develop deep and wide knowledge of both the technical aspect of business improvement, as well as the people and leadership dimensions. For more information about the go to courses.