Establish Culture

Employ people to improve the business

Opportunity Screening

Culture can be described as the personality of an organization. It’s the shared values, norms and beliefs people have that guides what is approved, rejected, encouraged and discouraged. Company culture drives actions, decisions and behaviors thus contributing to success and failure. In the former, culture is celebrated and reinforced, while being scrutinized and challenged in the latter.

Success is therefore critical to establish a continuous improvement culture. The more the improvement system can guide people to success, the more will the underlying values, principles and beliefs that the improvement system was built on, be accepted as the new norm.

We help organizations to achieve success by better opportunity screening and upfront planning. The Selection Grid screens opportunities on key success factors and assists in prioritizing, planning, and setting-up new improvement initiatives for success.

Focused Execution

To ensure that the organization´s improvement competence, commitment, and capability creates lasting value, we provide an execution model that supports people leading change, from opportunity to solutions that works and people accepts. Based on Six Sigma DMAIC, Toyota problem solving and Lean principles, our 5-step model is flexible but still a very capable vehicle that guides the operational improvement work for all types of applications. Together with the tactical improvement cycle, the model creates a robust platform to build a culture of continuous improvement on.