adapt and Integrate proven methods

Need Driven Improvement

The Adaptable and Integrated Improvement Model (AIIM) enables people and organizations to get more out of the improvement effort by providing high-quality infrastructures. The improvement work gets easier with robust and functional methods, tools, practices, guidelines, templates, metrics, training, applications etc., which are accessible for everyone.

Independent on what type of improvement program you run – Lean Manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma, Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement, or any other, the fundamental principle is the same – opportunities need to be transformed into value-adding and lasting business improvements. However, to establish an effective and efficient flow of sustainable improvements there are several challenges to overcome. Based on lessons learnt from numerous programs and projects we identified eight key challenges that can make or break an improvement program.

In the following articles the eight challenges are reviewed in more detail. Causes are examined along with consequences and solutions how to address them. Managed well the challenges can be turned into a virtuous cycle.

The Adaptable Integrated Improvement Model (AIIM) aims to overcome the eight challenges and enable people to succeed with their improvement initiatives. Based on the experience and lessons learnt from more than two hundred improvement initiatives, AIIM contains robust and innovative solutions that quickly can be deployed to support people in their improvement work. AIIM is a reference model of a complete improvement system that helps organizations to build up their improvement capability.